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A calm mind sees through clear water.
Find peace through integrative therapy and performance coaching.


A calm mind sees through clear water.
Find peace through integrative hypnotherapy and performance coaching.

Our lifestyles can impact our mental and physical health beyond belief. Preserving the wellbeing of our mental state
sometimes requires the careful attention of therapy to promote harmony within our lives.

Think of your mind as a pond glistening with your reflection in it. If you were to throw a stone in this pond, would you still see your reflection?
You wouldn’t. So, in essence, we need a clear mind to recognise ourselves. Let me help you quieten your mind and shape
the future you deserve through tailored mentorship and counselling services.

Daniela Marinova

I founded my private practice, Richmond Counselling, in 2013. This sanctuary for the mind is where I have helped many stimulate positive life changes through life counselling and mentoring.

Before establishing my private counselling practice, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Richmond University (South-West London) and a master’s degree in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology at UCL and Anna Freud Centre.

Following my tertiary education, I trained as a cognitive hypnotherapist and NLP and Life Coach Practitioner with the brilliant Trevor Silvester, founder of Quest Institute and the author of Wordweaving.

I am currently undertaking professional training in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Roehampton University in an accredited BACP programme in the pursuit of continual growth.


Many years working as a private practitioner made me acutely aware that each person (regardless of age or gender)
needed someone to advise, support and mentor them weekly.

A performance coach can motivate you to accept yourself, help you become mentally stronger and better
equip you to deal with the inherent psychological stress of life.

Through life coach therapy, I can assist and guide you along a path to self-development, positive change
and building the emotional fortitude to live life with a calm mind.

Providing weekly face-to-face or online sessions

Providing you with the tools for personal growth to achieve harmony within your life.

Supporting you through internal conflicts to resolve issues impeccably.

Helping you to recognise your strengths and resources.


My Approach

I take a holistic approach to therapy, combining various techniques that focus on the mind and body. I use self-centred analytical psychology and mindfulness to help you find balance and improve your overall wellbeing.

We examine lifestyle choices such as diet, sleep, and exercise while observing your emotional state in terms of mood, stress and anxiety. We also explore the unique social dynamic of your family and social circle. We do not neglect the physical body and make sure to address any pain or body tension you may be experiencing.

Lastly, we concentrate on the intellectual, spiritual and occupational spheres of your life and how they relate to your mental health. I harness perceptual, behavioural, and communication techniques, also knowns as NLP, to make it easier for my clients to transition their thoughts and take new action
within their lives.


What does a
session look like

My practice is in the heart of Richmond, Southwest London, Kew area. Our time together will be spent in a tranquil space where you are encouraged to speak freely and uncover what weighs on

Find fulfilment through my counselling. Discover what is possible with true support and mentoring. As your performance coach, I will help you become a more confident person ready to take on
whatever life throws at you.

I do individual, organisational, and couples counselling on an open-ended basis or for an agreed period to enhance the lives of my clients by quietening their minds to reveal their true selves.

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