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Richmond Counselling – Reinvigorate Your Life with Positive Change

When you are going through challenges in life, you may sometimes wonder if you need counselling. Perhaps the thought of counselling has been lingering for a while and there are days when you just wish you had someone to talk to. Maybe the uncertainty about counselling is holding you back and you are afraid of the stigma that may follow if you start to seek help.

Why Go For Counselling Sessions?

You might be low on confidence, having trouble in a relationship, having difficulty coping with grief or trauma, trying to overcoming abuse or bullying, or suffering from anxiety and stress – typical situations that require therapy. The good news is that I am here to help and to get you back to a healthy mental and emotional space.

My Mission

At Richmond Counselling, we understand the importance of your mental health and well-being. Your emotional and mental health has a profound effect on your thoughts and behaviours, and my aim is to bring back your joy and happiness that enables you to live a fulfilling life brimming with purpose.

I believe that by preparing you to become mentally stronger, you will be more productive and effective in your daily life, and better equipped to navigate through your adversity with ease. My tailor-made counselling sessions are specifically designed to get to the root of your problems and guide you along a path to self-development, positive change and emotional fortitude.

My Story

My journey to a healthy mental space has been particularly difficult. In my early years, I constantly sought approval, appreciation, love, affection and attention, and all of this started to affect my emotional and mental wellbeing. These negative feelings continued after I got married as I felt the need to prove my worth with my studies, work and being a parent, all the while trying to maintain my high standards.

This ultimately proved to be too draining on my emotional and mental wellbeing. After suffering from severe anxiety and constant panic attacks, I made the decision to seek help – the best decision of my life!

After a long period of reflection and self-improvement, I have made it my goal to help those who are experiencing difficult moments in their lives and give them a platform to overcome their problems through specialised techniques that are unique to their specific circumstances.

Who Do I Help?

I help people from all walks of life who are affected by emotional or mental issues that have negatively affected the quality of their life. My therapy includes:

  • relationship counselling where I help individuals or couples with a separation, divorce, or marital problems;
  • anxiety or stress-related therapy for those who find it difficult to handle tense situations, bullying, peer pressure or discrimination;
  • therapy to cope with grief or trauma for those who have lost a loved one or have been through a traumatic event that has affected their emotional or mental wellbeing;
  • self-confidence coaching for those individuals whose emotional and mental wellbeing is affected by a lack of confidence;
  • childhood trauma therapy for those individuals who have suppressed traumatic events from their childhood and these negative memories subconsciously or consciously affect their daily lives;
  • health and wellbeing coaching for those individuals who have lost track of their purpose and are looking for direction to lead a more fulfilling life;
  • therapy for work-related challenges for those individuals who face harassment, discrimination or bullying at the workplace and
  • LGBTQ+ individuals and those who are struggling with the discovery of their gender and/or identity.

While these are the core elements of the individuals who I help, my counselling services are open to all who are affected by any emotional or mental problems that require therapy, advice and guidance.

My Approach

I believe in a positive and holistic approach to solving problems and your counselling sessions will be no different. While it may be easier to blame external factors for your circumstances, my methods are designed to focus on yourself and to find the best way to help regain your confidence and happiness.  I am certain that a calm mind sees through calm water, and my approach will help you to find peace through integrative hypnotherapy and performance coaching that improves your overall mental wellbeing.

What Happens During Therapy?

Each client is a unique individual with inherent qualities that I look to develop in order to improve their mindset and instil a more positive belief system. Counselling sessions involve strategising, affirmations, confidence building techniques, travelling down timelines to re-visit deeply embedded issues, and creating a map towards your future goals, amongst others.

Balance is key to a healthy mental state, and I employ self-centred analytical psychology and mindfulness to get you back on track. My sessions are filled with a deep analysis of the intellectual, spiritual and occupational facets of your life, and what impact these factors are having on your mental health. With my innovative use of perpetual, behavioural, and communication techniques, I will help you to transition your thoughts and mindset into one of fulfilment and purpose.

What Support Do I Provide?

Through my personal experience as well as my years of providing therapy and guidance to my clients, I have become acutely aware of the need for constant advice, support, and mentoring. In light of this, I support you with weekly sessions that are either face-to-face or online and provide you with specific tools that help you on your journey of self-improvement and personal growth. With face-to-face meetings, we would arrange to meet in a tranquil and private space where you can freely release those things on your mind that weigh you down and make you unhappy.

Through tailor-made techniques that I create for your unique circumstances, you will be better prepared to navigate through internal conflicts and comfortably resolve problems that are affecting you. The overall purpose of my support is to help you to recognise your strengths and effectively use your own resources to overcome your challenges independently.

With my support and the specialised programme that I create for your situation, you will find your life becoming easier as you regain confidence and are in a better position to deal with those inherent issues that have been plaguing your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

Richmond Counselling is a sanctuary for your mind that is ready to stimulate positive changes in your life. My unique counselling sessions are tailor-made to your unique situation and is specifically designed for effective results that help you to feel good again.

Take the first step and let me help you to live a fulfilling life with purpose, peace and happiness – book your session today

I look forward to walking with you on this incredible journey.

Your counsellor and therapist, Daniela Marinova.